Lutherans caring for each other

Lutheran Community Care (LCC) worker Wendy-Lea Lechleitner has deep roots in the Lutheran Church so when a position came up for a Money Worker on the ‘Mission Block’, she jumped at the chance.

‘I like teaching people how to manage money,’ Wendy-Lea says, ‘I love seeing the moment a client’s eyes light up with understanding.’

The Lechleitner family has strong links to the Hermannsburg Lutheran Church, as Wendy-Lea’s father Ken Lechleitner explains, ‘Right back at the beginning, on my mothers side, when the early missionaries arrived, they worked together developing the Hermannsburg Mission by learning each others languages, connecting through the spirit of good will and understanding between the two groups of people. We went to church on Sundays, it was a special day that allowed many families to come together and worship and mingle afterwards. Everyone was all dressed in their “Sunday best”. I remember as a kid mum making sure that we were all clean, dressed and ready for the church service on Sundays and every second Sunday was communion. The kids would all play on this big bell shaped swing at the Mission Block, it was fun.’

We care for others and teach the skills needed to live today.Wendy-Lea recalls her own childhood, going to Sunday school at the Alice Springs Lutheran Church, where LCC now runs the Kwatja Etatha playgroup. ‘At Sunday school we would do bible readings and get gold stars for how well we were able to understand the morals being taught. I loved getting a gold star,’ she said.

Ken says he is proud of Wendy-Lea’s work at LCC and the support the organisation gives to the community: ‘It shows that we as Lutherans have put up our hands to help each other. We care for others and teach the skills needed to live today. It’s not just talking; it’s about trying to live a caring Christian life that allows people to help themselves as well.’

To learn more about the work LCC does at the ‘Mission Block’, visit or call 08 8953 5160.