Choir tours Melbourne, Sydney and USA

The Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir (CAAWC) has been invited to perform at the Serenade! International Choral Festival to be held in Washington DC USA from 28 June – 2 July 2018. Choirs from a number of countries will perform at Serenade; CAAWC will contribute their own performances a number of times during the festival and will share in multi-choir performances and a grand finale choral concert to be staged at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In issuing this invitation, Classical Movements (the premier concert tour company for the world’s great orchestras and choirs) has said: ‘In researching truth and reconciliation across different nations and cultures, I found your choir. I know that the Aboriginal Australian people have experienced a very different aspect of these values in their struggles, which I feel should be powerfully represented in our 2018 celebration of President Mandela. We would love it if you and your choir could come to the US for Serenade, because we think so highly of you all and the traditions you represent’.

Classical Movements is also conducting discussions with the Australian Embassy in Washington DC, The Kennedy Center and the film’s distributors to explore staging screenings of the recently released documentary about the choir entitled ‘The Song Keepers’ during the festival.

New choir members from a younger generation are eager to join this experience, and as such are placing themselves under the mentorship of their elders. Going to Washington to an international event will only afford more opportunity to share the gospel through song. People change the world, but God works though music to change people. Singing is one of the best ways to promote healing and harmony in our world today.

Watching the impact the choir’s performances and presence has on so many unchurched people throughout Australia and the world is truly amazing. Many in the audience are openly quite critical of the western church and the missionaries they sent to these people in Central Australia long ago, yet oddly they seem to receive God’s word through the choir’s hymns and songs quite openly and graciously. God truly works in mysterious ways!

Thanks so much to the LLL, LCA Insurance and the FRM for supporting the choir on this incredible tour which also includes performances at Hamer Hall, Southbank, Melbourne on 19 June and at the Sydney Opera House on 22 June. Don’t miss your chance to see them!