Engawala (Alcoota) bush course July 2017

People at Engawala felt the calm presence of the Holy Spirit over the community knowing that the Finke River Mission bush camp was close by, especially when the pastors came in at night to share the camp theme of the 500th anniversary of the reformation.

‘After showing the Luther movie they taught us about his strong commitment to Christianity. When the band played gospel songs in language some were crying tears of joy while singing along, often into the late hours of the night.’

The week finished with a Holy Communion worship service (almost filling the basketball court) in both Arrarnta & English languages, leaving behind a very happy community.

Unfortunately, Engawala doesn’t have a local pastor, and Finke River Mission support workers had not visited the community for many years, allowing the Mormons to establish a presence there. Please pray for pastor Darryl Mattner (who started leading regular monthly worship there since late 2014) and the people at Engawala that God will raise up a local leader to be trained as a pastor to preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ.