FRM bush course at Mt Liebig

The first FRM bush course for 2018 was actually held outside Mt Liebig community at Warren Creek outstation, 10km further west, the home of our host Pastor Roderick Kantamarra. About 30 attended, including FRM staff and volunteers.

We set up camp in an open area, near one of the vacant houses, but inside the community fence. The dingoes were hanging around, howling loudly at night, too close for comfort! The flies were also bad so there was a run on fly nets at the local store!

During the day Dr Peter Lockwood (retired OT lecturer from Australian Lutheran College) taught on 1 Samuel and Paul Traeger (FRM) interpreted into Luritja and David Strickland (from AuSIL) into Anmatyerr language. At night Pastor Rob Borgas showed a movie about Kings Saul and David to a packed church at Mt Liebig and Pastor Simon Dixon led community singalongs. Many of the church leaders are musicians, and often have to wait for their turn to play or sing, so the singalongs can go on till late at night. The children performed a medley of impressive action songs with great gusto.

Pastor Roderick led a communion service to close the course. It was Dr Peter Lockwood’s last course and also Pastor Rob Borgas’ last course with FRM. By David Strickland.