FRM women’s Bible study camp 2018

Sunny days, crisp nights, and not a drop of rain – the April weather was perfect for our Bible study camp this year! More than 40 ladies joined us at the Simpson’s Gap campground, sharing devotions and cooking over the open fire. Travelling from Docker River, Mutitjulu, Ti Tree, Hermannsburg, Utju, Wallace Rockhole and Alice Springs, there were a number of young first time attendees, which made us really happy.

We spoke and worshipped in Anmatyerre, Arrarnta, Pitjantjatjara and English. We studied the gospel readings for the next few Sundays, discovering what God does for us and how this changes our lives. Then we prayed – praising God for who he is, telling him about who we are, thanking him for his saving acts, and bringing him our needs. We made lots of joyful noise – singing, laughing and telling stories – and ladies from Alice and Utju shared songs which were new to some of us. On Saturday evening we presented the posters we had made sharing what we had learnt and our faith.

‘We enjoyed our camp. The ladies from Docker River said it was good to be with the ladies from other communities.’ (Rosalind Yibardi, Docker River)

‘Camping is fun! Camping with the ladies was good fellowship. The second night I fell asleep in my swag listening to everyone singing and it was really nice.’ (Hope Rust, YAGM volunteer, USA)

‘I liked being with ladies from all the communities and singing together at night. I also enjoyed talking to other ladies about the gospel and learning together about loving other people. We are one family together as God’s children.’ (Joy Kunia, Areyonga)

‘Going to the camp was really good. Lots of ladies were there, and we all learned together like one community. I liked showing the ladies how we do drawing while we are listening to a Bible passage, so that they can try that idea too.’ (Nunga Marjorie Williams, Alice Springs)

‘I enjoyed being around the senior women and learning with the older ladies. Learning more about the Bible was really good. It was great to go to the camp!’ (Sonya Braybon, Hermannsburg)

Thanks to all those who helped with the camp and to the ladies for working together so willingly. Thanks too, to the Lutheran Women of Australia who support us with their kind donations … and most of all to God for our wonderful weekend!