In memorium – Ingkaarta Davey Inkamala

By Pastor David Kuss

Ingkaarta Davey Inkamala died on the 11 September, 2013 after 38 years as an ordained Pastor. He was still leading weekly worship at his Kwala Kwala community homeland in the last few days before he died.

Davey was born at Tempe Downs in 1935. During the war years he moved around the Finke River and Jay Creek areas with his family having no real place to call home. When his mother died his father (Njikitjilpi) ‘gave’ young Davey to Reinhold Ingkamala from Hermannsburg. Davey lived with his new adopted family and went to school at Hermannsburg. During this time he was baptised by pastor F W Albrecht.

Davey lived an adventurous life as a stockman working on many of the local cattle stations.  He was quite competent and soon became a ‘leading hand’ on several cattle drives from central Australia to Queensland. During this time he met and married his wife Trudy from Jay Creek.

God spoke to Davey many times and he found comfort in those words.God spoke to Davey many times and he found comfort in those words. When combined with the encouragement and support of pastor P G E Albrecht, he was ordained in 1975 at Alice Springs. Most of his work as a pastor was in the Sandover area at places like Alcoota, Utopia, Ammaroo, Mt Skinner and Wait River.

His funeral was conducted in the Alice Springs Lutheran Church by Pastors Philip Wilyuka, Peter Pfitzner, and David Kuss. Pastors Rob Borgas, Basil Schild, and evangelist Rodney Malbunka also assisted in the service. Acknowledgments of his humble life of service came from all over Australia and New Zealand. Ken Langford-Smith, principal of Yeperenye School, acknowledged Davey’s founding role and service to the School.

Ingkaarta Davey is survived by his loving wife Trudy, his children Rhonda, Jennifer, Brenda, and Stephen, and his many grand and great grandchildren. He was a leading role model for all Aboriginal pastors and his ministry will be sadly missed. The Finke River Mission and the Lutheran Church of Australia acknowledge the tireless and faithful service of Ingkaarta Davey Inkamala.