Good things happening at Mt Liebig

On Sunday 12 February, 20 young men and women were confirmed at ‘Martin Luther’ Lutheran church Amunturrngu (Mt Liebig), 300km west of Alice Springs. Resident pastor, Roderick Kantamara, preached on Matthew 5:21–37, teaching that God gives us his law to help us find direction in an otherwise confusing and trackless world.

The local people are also very proud of the recently renovated and furnished interior of their church. The congregation had been waiting many years for the church to be fixed. The new altar, pulpit and baptismal font are gifts from a congregation in rural South Australia.

Next to the church an area has been set apart with lighting, a windbreak and seating for evening singalongs. Most nights of the week people gather here to praise God, others are encouraged by the singing as they listen from their homes.

In recent months local FRM support worker, Paul Traeger, has been patiently studying the book of Romans with a number of local men. Pray that by faith God will give many Pintupi-Luritja people the understanding and experience of living under grace (Romans 6:14–22).