Students visit Unity College

Over the last 12 months, Unity College in Murray Bridge has been working with families from Central Australia developing educational partnerships.

Students, mainly from the Areyonga community, have attended Unity College and received instruction in literacy, numeracy and Christian Studies in a dedicated class. CASLAU students have also participated in other subjects such as Physical Education, Technologies, ICT, Agriculture and specialist activities such as surfing, fishing and cooking.

Here are some of their reflections in letters home to families:

In activities week I went to the beach in Goolwa to do some surfing, did fishing in Murray Bridge and went to the South Australian Museum in Adelaide—Joseph

On the sports day I won three ribbons. On Sports Day I did long jump, High Jump, 100m run, Javelin, discuss and shot put—Tishalia

I liked doing woodwork and ICT. They are my favourite—Quinnetia

I feel happy here at Unity College. I like learning Maths and English. On sports Day I was in Union, the green team. We won!—Susan

At the same time students, staff and parents from Unity have taken part in service projects both with the Areyonga students at Murray Bridge and also back home in their community in Central Australia.