Yirara Confirmations 2016

Sixteen Yirara students publically confessed their faith in the Triune God before a large crowd of family, staff and students at the college on Sunday 6 November. The class was the largest for many years, so the service was held in the basketball stadium.

Aboriginal families still regard confirmation as a very significant rite of passage for their children, leading to greater involvement and responsibility in their local church. This is why they came from all over Central Australia, as far away as Fregon, to be part of the service.

That old favourite procession hymn ‘Take thou my hand and lead me’ was sung by the Ntaria and Mission Block choirs as the confirmation students entered the stadium dresses in white gowns, representing the holiness of Christ.

FRM Ingkartas (pastors) helped lead the rite of confirmation by blessing and distributing holy communion to the students. After the service the students lined-up to shake hands with the rest of the congregation as they left the stadium. What followed was a huge morning tea and BBQ lunch, providing a great opportunity for Yirara College staff, students and families to mingle.

Finally, some comments from the students themselves when asked why they liked confirmation:

I liked learning the 10 Commandments … I liked praying … The meaning of communion is special to me … Forgiveness of sins is important … Having the body and blood of Jesus … I liked the blessing from the Ingkarta … I liked learning what the commandments said about obeying parents.