Meet Pastor Simon Dixon

Pastor Simon Dixon ministers to residents of the town camps, scattered in and around Alice Springs. He prays for the sick in hospital, renal, aged care and alcohol rehabilitation centres. And, he also visits people in jail.

I pray for the sick in hospital and I visit people in jail.Simon says, ‘Matthew 25:35-36 is my favourite Bible verse because it shows the work I do. I pray for the sick in hospital and I visit people in jail. Our Lord Jesus has called me to do this work because he cares about those weak ones who suffer. When people are suffering they often feel alone, like Jesus himself did on the cross when he cried out: “My God, my God, why have you left me?” (Matt 27:46) They are often left to suffer alone without family or friends. But our Lord Jesus wants his followers to show these suffering people that he is truly with them through his word and our actions.’

And Pastor Simon is rarely alone when he does this work. In Mark 6:7 our Lord sent out his disciples ‘two by two’. In the same way Pastor Simon is often assisted by a faithful evangelist or two, just for company, and also to train and mentor them in this important work. One of these evangelists, Justin Allen, also accompanies Simon in his gospel band (the Pintupi-Luritja Band), along with David Brown and others. Together they visit various
communities sharing God’s word through the songs that the band plays, mainly original words and music that have been written by Simon and Justin.

Hopefully Justin will soon be ordained so he too can carry on with the work God has called many people from the bush to do in Alice Springs. Simon asks you all to pray for his ministry and the people of Alice Springs.